Rasa Tracker Store: Postgres SQL access from other machine


I’ve deployed my Rasa X on a Linux server following closely Docker-Compose quick install guide here

Now, I want to access my conversation that is tracked in Postgres SQL from other machine outside the Linux server. Is there a guide to do that?

Thanks in advance!

Welcome Syamil,

Postgres is available at port 5432. To enable access, open the port in the docker-compose.override.yml. You may need to create this file (you can do this directly in the docker-compose.yml but the override file is recommended):

version: "3.4"

      - "5432:5432"

Restart with docker-compose restart and you should be able to hit the Postgres server at 5432.

You can also setup the server to send you a copy of all of the conversations via the RabbitMQ event broker. To do that you would replace the queue: ${RABBITMQ_QUEUE} line in the endpoints.yml to:

     - my_rasa_log

You can now get a copy of the tracker events as they happen by reading your own my_rasa_log message queue from rabbit.

Hi @stephens, please help me, i want to connect to my postgres daba to extract all my conversation data. Can you give me the command that i can use to do it. I really need your help. thank you in advance. I have installed rasa using docker-compose installation.

Try the rasa export command described here

Thank you @stephens for replaying.

@Papa are you able to solve this? If I get you right, you want to connect a Postgres Database to docker compose installation? Or you just want to store the bot/user conversation in database?

@nik i am now able to connect to database but i also want to extract my conversations data into csv format. for now i am not able for the last one. If you know how to do this please help me. thank you !