RASA throw error when trigger intent, and enabled channel is botframework


I have my chatbot setup properly, I’m already able to chat with the rasa bot from MS Teams, but when i trying to trigger intent via the API, below is the error i received:

How can I resolve this issue?

Thank you.

hey @jefftung1991 are you running Rasa on the same machine that you’re trying to trigger the intent call? or where is the intent trigger coming from?

I have my rasa hosted in virtual machine, and enabled public access. Normal chat works fine, api trigger externally and internally both not working

Can you confirm you are enabling the HTTP API when you run Rasa?

Hi @desmarchris, I enabled API, CORS and turned on debug mode as well, i also make use of SSL features from RASA as MS Teams has the requirement of https as endpoint. I just didn’t insert any secret when performing the API trigger intent, will that be the problem?

I don’t see any errors in RASA debug mode.

by secret do you mean you aren’t passing any authentication? Yes I would try running with that. And are you running this as a process in your VM or on Docker Compose/K8s?

I hosted RASA on my VM which is publicly accessible. And I just used curl to trigger API to trigger intent, it replied to my curl command with proper json response, but there’s no response in my ms teams at all.

By any chance we can have a call so I can show you the actual scenario?