Rasa test not working

I have a nlu file with 100+ intents.After training i did rasa test and intent_errors.json file shows 13 questions in 13 intents wrongly predicted to other intents.i tried to fix that issue by removing those questions and added more questions to that intents.And after training again i did rasa test, at that time more questions from other intents listed in intent_errors.json file. By doing rasa test, I cant resolve those issues listing in intent_errors file. Could someone explain how rasa test works and how to fix issues showing in intent_errors.json file rasa version 1.6.0

@arunkumar , Your approach is correct, to adjust your training data based on the intent_errors.json, and then rerunning rasa test, or you can also just run rasa test nlu.

Make sure to remove the intent_errors.json file, or just the whole results folder before you run rasa test nlu, because if you have no NLU errors at all, the intent_errors.json from the previous run still remains.

Still i am unable to solve the errors in intent_errors.json fille.