Rasa Syntax line separation and space logic

Heya, Just to clarify, I cant seem to find this information. when editing the yml by default im seeing double spaces separating lines:


(top one is rasa default, bottom one is using tab for spacing)

is there a reason tab is not being used? is the double space spacing official? where is the official syntax logic documentation?

I hope yall get me, thanks in advance.

@tvds794 Hey! Yes, YML format need some kinds of pre-defined indentation (space) and if you have issue in yml format you can check with http://www.yamllint.com. Do you have any specific issue regarding space?

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@nik202 Hey mate thanks, I just noticed it looked funky and i wasn’t sure. Ill go and have a little read otherwise ill be sure to reach out to you.

Thanks :slight_smile:

For anyone that cares;


Outline Indentation and Whitespace

Whitespace is part of YAML’s formatting. Unless otherwise indicated, newlines indicate the end of a field. You structure a YAML document with indentation. The indentation level can be one or more spaces. The specification forbids tabs because tools treat them differently.