Rasa support Cent OS?

Hello Everyone, I need to know is this rasa support cent server os and list of supported os for rasa both development and production.

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Can someone answer please? I also need to know the OS support.

I found this link applied to the RASA platform, I guess the same requierments must apply to the stack. Installation

"We recommend 8Gb RAM & 2-6 vCPUs for optimal performance. 4Gb RAM is the bare minimum. Your server should also have 100 Gb Disk space available. You will need a server running a modern Linux distribution that can run docker. The following OS’s work with the easy install script below:

  • Debian 7.7+
  • Ubuntu 14.04 / 15.10 / 16.04"

Hi @aherrera, the link you found is good as a general guide, but Rasa should run on Red Hat and CentOS as well

I believe that rasa should run in any modern linux that has python 3.6 and pip installed to it. You will be fine with CentOS.