Rasa stack installation on windows server operating system


I am trying to install Rasa stack on windows server operating system. But it’s giving me lot’s of errors like python version not supported and many more etc. So is there any way to install Rasa stack and python with latest version on windows server operating system.

And if yes then what are the Pre-requisites for python version, server OS version etc.

As long as you are able to create a proper Python environment, underlying operating system shouldn’t matter. What are you using to create Python environments? Rasa recommends Conda. But you’re free to use virtualenv.

Rasa should work just fine with Python 3.6.

Thanks @akshay2000 but while installing python, rasa it just give me error very often for tensorflow. let’s see I am trying it again.

Please post your error output.

Yeah sure @akshay2000. Currently I am doing Rasa stack installation on windows server 2012 R2 If I got any issue while doing process I will connect.


Prashant Kamble

I ran into exactly this problem and here are the answers I found by trial and error.

RASA 1.6.1 absolutely requires either Python 3.6 or 3.7 on Windows. If you install Python 3.8, the Tensorflow installation will fail and as a result the entire RASA stack installation will fail.

But if you uninstall Python 3…x and install 3.7.x instead then the “rasa init” will work.