Rasa slack bot issue again

Hello again everyone.

In march i put this Rasa slack integration issue Rasa Slack Bot Integration which i was able to solve, Steps are mention in the link itself. At that time i used not only ngrok but also GCP to deploy mood bot on GCP and connect to slack.

Now i have a similar new issue. I have deployed a bot on GCP using custom actions which i have build using this link : Installation Guide and also created the custom image using docker from here : https://rasa.com/docs/rasa/user-guide/docker/deploying-in-docker-compose/#building-an-action-server-image

My Dockerfile looks like this

# Extend the official Rasa SDK image
FROM rasa/rasa-sdk:1.10.0
# Use subdirectory as working directory
# Copy any additional custom requirements, if necessary (uncomment next line)
COPY actions/requirements-actions.txt ./
# Change back to root user to install dependencies
USER root
# Install extra requirements for actions code, if necessary (uncomment next line)
RUN pip install -r requirements-actions.txt
# Copy actions folder to working directory
COPY ./actions /app/actions
COPY creds.json /app
# By best practices, don't run the code with root user
USER 1001
CMD ["start", "--actions", "actions.actions"]

my docker-compose.override.yml file looks like this:

GNU nano 2.5.3 File: docker-compose.override.yml

version: '3.4'
    image: 'rasa/rasa-sdk:latest'
      - 5005:5005
      - './actions:/app/actions'
      - run
    image: "athenasaurav/zyllu:rasa1"
      - '5055'

My bot is working fine on rasa x from GCP, properly understanding the intent and working with custom actions also getting triggered.

No then i edited the credentials.yml file to connect the rasa to slack channel:

  url: ${RASA_X_HOST}/api
  slack_token: ""
  slack_channel: ""

since i have just created this channel i dont have bot token scope. Although i have another slack app running using ngrok, so even tried to update its credentials in credentials.yml file and then restart the server then also i have this issue.

i have read the rasa docs for Slack integration.


i tried various ports also but i wasnt lucky enough to solve this issue.

Can anyone tell what "port " i should use to solve this issue.

While using ngrok i figured out that the blank mention of the slack and the slack token works.

My docker logs for container rasa/nginx:0.23.3 shows this error whenever i try to connect to slack app: - - [14/May/2020:15:49:44 +0000] "POST /webhooks/slack/webhook HTTP/1.1" 200 1574 "-" "Slackbot 1.0 (+https://api.slack.com/robots)"

Thank You

@erohmensing @wabi @Juste @mehdiHadji

please look into this issue

Can anyone please help?

Hi @athenasaurav i have the same issue. I dont have any custom dependency in deployment. Its a simple chitchat bot. No backend and custom dependency. But i cant connect my GCP instance to slack, facebook, telegram or website. Are you able to find out the solution.


Hi @event-wala,

Sadly no i don’t have a solution yet. If i found one i will let you know.

Hello Everyone the problem is solved now.

I really wish that rasa should do the documentations more correctly.

According to documentations of rasa here Slack

The Rasa request URL should be


which is wrong.

The request url should be


Please update this to Rasa docs please.

@erohmensing @amn41 @stephens @event-wala @juste_petr

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Thank @athenasaurav. It worked for me too

This is dependent on your Rasa X version. It should work without the /core/ for any version >= 0.27.0: https://rasa.com/docs/rasa-x/changelog/rasa-x-changelog/#id105

Thanks for update

Hi, everyone, I met this problem too, my Rasa X is the newest version, 0.31.0. I am using AWS EC2 to deploy my Rasa X, it is running well. However, I failed to connect my Rasa X with slack. And the solution here didn’t work for me any more as I am using the newest version of Rasa X. I tried different url, and I am stuck with this for one week.

Hi @Yiqun, your url there looks like it’s missing /webhooks. It should look like http://<ip>/webhooks/slack/webhook.

In addition, you’ll need to make sure to add the slack credentials to your rasa x deployment for it to correctly respond with the challenge parameter!


@erohmensing Thank you so much, it works well now, and I have another problem, the buttons didn’t work in slack. Is this caused by the actions server? Do I need to add some codes in actions.py file to make buttons work in slack? The tutorial indicates I need add codes in actions.py, but the actions.py is empty in my local file. Then how can I make buttons work in slack? It is connected with Rasa X now.

I think there is a bug with buttons actually :frowning: you can keep up to date with the fix here: https://github.com/RasaHQ/rasa/pull/6020

@erohmensing I know Rasa open source have a file named slack.py, and the error can be fixed by editing this file. I am wondering where can I find this file in Rasa x? I am running my Rasa x using ubuntu in AWS, I failed to find it in any folder, and some folders are missing or hidden.

Any answer for this?