Rasa shell not working as expected

I am creating my own GUI for training Rasa NLU which seems to work fine. When I talk to the trained the bot using ‘rasa shell’, the bot answers questions well according to the stories it was trained. However when a questions for a story have ended, and i say ‘Hi’ to the bot, there is no output. In fact the bot doesnt respond for any questions from here on. I have to restart the bot from the shell to try other questions from another story. Once again, after the questions associated with that story have ended, the bot stops giving output for any questions further.

I am using rasa 1.0.6

@devarakondapranav welcome to the forum! Any reason you’re building a custom GUI and not just using Rasa X?

As for your question, can I see what your stories look like? I assume you haven’t written stories for this kind of scenario