Rasa Reply Multiple Suggested answers

Hi, I am creating a bot. But I am stuck in a scenario. I want to get multiple replies from my bot.

Here is my scenario. I am creating a bot for club membership. I have different types of membership. Like Blue, Silver, Gold, Platinum membership. If a user just ask. “What is the price”. My bot should response back with all the 4 options. Like price of blue, silver, gold and platinum etc.

Please note I have many scenarios like this. Where I want to get more than one reply.

One of the solution I really like is based on confidence score that is near to my questions in my database. A way to get multiple suggested answers from Rasa bot with confidence scores for each. · Issue #2255 · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub

Is there any easy way or better way so I can handle multiple queries like this. Please note I have many scenarios where i want to show my user many options to chose from. Thank you

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Hi @ahmadiqbalpk, welcome to the Rasa forum!

If you just want multiple replies, you can add stories with multiple actions:

## example
* membership_price
  - utter_gold
  - utter_silver
  - utter_blue
  - utter_platiunum

I’m not sure where you’re picturing using confidence scores in this; confidence scores are used to set fallback thresholds for when the bot is unsure of the prediction, not for getting multiple responses to a known question. Could you post an example of what you mean?

Hi @mloubser really appreciate your explanation. That solved my problem