Rasa nlu training problem

I wanna use just rasa nlu.
It’s all about intents, entity extraction, and response selectors.
* pipeline
- name: “WhitespaceTokenizer”
intent_split_symbol: “_”
- name: “RegexFeaturizer”
- name: “CRFEntityExtractor”
- name: “EntitySynonymMapper”
- name: “CountVectorsFeaturizer”
- name: “CountVectorsFeaturizer”
analyzer: “char_wb”
min_ngram: 1
max_ngram: 4
- name: “EmbeddingIntentClassifier”
- name: “ResponseSelector”
retrieval_intent: GQA

So I trained the module and got an error.
from rasa.nlu.training_data import load_data
from rasa.nlu.model import Trainer

error is
ERROR:rasa.nlu.classifiers.embedding_intent_classifier:Can not train a classifier. Need at least 2 different classes. Skipping training of classifier.

So I tried again with command line and it worked fine.
rasa train nlu

I don’t know why this works.
I want to make code that works with python.

it looks like your training data was not loaded correctly

Thank you. I didn’t load response file.