Rasa/NGINX TO Haproxy

I want to migrate from Rasa/nginx to Haproxy it 's that possible ?

are you talking about Rasa X ?

if so are you deploying on K8s, Docker-compose or single server installation?

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I have deployed Rasa X Local on Docker, and I want to change rasa / Nginx to Haproxy

if you are using docker-compose, you can simply replace nginx with haproxy and bound the paths to rasa x

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you mean i replace the RASA / NginX image by Haproxy image !!!

Yeah just replace the nginx container with a haproxy one and the config to map to rasax endpoints, rasa bot endpoints as well

Like this!: nginx:

  • restart: always

    • List item
  • image: Haproxy:Latest

  • ports:
  •   - "80:8080"
  •   - "443:8443"
  • volumes:
  •   - ./haproxy/haproxy.cfg:/haproxy............
  • depends_on:
  •   - rasa-x
  •   - rasa-production
  •   - app

probably best to rename the container as well from


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In the Haproxy.cfg what i the image i have to deployed ? Rasa-x or another image