Rasa Masterclass Discussion: Dialogue Policies [Episode 7]

Hey Rasa community,

Rasa Masterclass Episode 7 on Dialogue Policies is out now!

In this episode we cover what training policies are available at Rasa, how they work, how are they configured and in what situations would you use one policy or another.

We’d love to have your feedback:

  • What are your thoughts on this episode?
  • Did you know that all of these policies are available at Rasa and how to apply them?
  • Are there other topics would you like to see Juste cover?

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To be frankly: I had already read the doc on policies and therefor I didn’t learn much more from this episode 7 on policies.

So, yes I had a notice of them.

But still, after reading the doc and seeing the video, I don’t really understand the augmenation policy. How does Rasa know which stories to glue? Has did something to do with the paraneters set foor this policy? And how to clculate the expension factor for the trainingsets? Moreover, the example in the video gives three stories and only glues the two first.

Moreover: the example in the video shows the first story with one hashtag and the oher two with only one. Don’t think that makes the difference to glueing, am I right?

As for me and may-be because English is not my native lanquage, reading helps me more than watching the video’s :innocent: