Announcing the Conversational AI with Rasa series

Hello @community!

We are extremely excited to share our new project with you - brand new series on our Youtube channel - Conversational AI with Rasa. It’s a 14-episode series focused on developing AI assistants with Rasa Open Source (version 2.x and later). Each episode is dedicated to a specific topic and combines theoretical information with code examples and demos.

We are very happy to share the first episode with you today and the rest of the series will be published over the next few weeks. Make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel to catch all the episodes as they come out.

Happy learning and happy building!


Great timing @Juste Do you have a link specific to the series in youtube?

@nahidalam they’ll be coming out over time, but will all be in this playlist:


Great intro video. You mention it is suitable for “task oriented” and not “chit-chat” conversations. Where would you class a therapy-bot similar to ELIZA? It’s a structured conversation, but the bot is asking the questions and the user’s intents are not as specific as say ordering a pizza or making a banking transaction. Is RASA suitable for this?

Thank you, Pascale


@Pascale Great Q! A talk therapy bot is slightly orthogonal to the traditional definition of a task oriented dialog system. You could definitely build ELIZA in Rasa, but it would require a lot of custom actions if you want to use the same parse → rephrase approach.

On the other hand, if you were looking to build an assistant that connected someone with a specific mental health resource based on their specific needs then that could very easily be framed as a task oriented dialog system & would be pretty straightforward to do with Rasa.


Awesome! Excited to watch the series :heart_eyes:

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So excited to hear that…

I can see the episode 1…yayy

Great news and great timing for me! Just cleared my last other project commitments on Friday, so can now focus on RASA full time.