Rasa integration with Slack - Multiple Outputs

Hi Folks,

I have integrated my bot with the slack. I am receiving multiple replies for the same a single query.

I searched about it and found other folks are also having the same issue. Bit I could not find a solution for my work!

I am sharing the screenshot of the slack, hiw it responded with a single queryrasa_slack_issue

The reply keeps on repeating itself!

Kindly help me in fixing this.

Any help would be really appreciated.



Which Core version are you using? This is something that was fixed a while back I believe

Hi @akelad, I am using the latest version ‘0.10.4’ .


Kindly help!

Thanks, Neel

Hmm, can you show me what events your subscribed to on the slack settings?

Hi, I am also getting multiple response on slack.

rasa_core version 0.11.10 image

@akelad, in my slack settings , two events are added.

  1. app_mention
  2. message.im

We are using ngrock. Please suggest where are we missing something? rasa_core version 0.11.10

Hello @vikingsvivek, are you getting replies in the interval of 3 seconds, 1 minute and at 5th minute from slack ? If yes, please read the Graceful retries section in this link