Rasa Integration with React-Native Mobile App

Hi, I have developed a basic chatbot. But now I want to connect it with my react native app. How can I do that? Please tell me steps to follow. I have read the rasa docs but didn’t understand the procedure.

Hey @nomanmajeed you can use rest API for Rasa , I had mentioned the steps in below post:

Thanks @JiteshGaikwad. Let me try this and then I will share my feedback.

Is there any update on this? Did anyone make a basic UI in React Native for voice assistants to be used with Rasa?

Kinda like this one: GitHub - RasaHQ/rasa-voice-interface: A simple web interface for building voice assistants with Rasa but with React Native instead of Vue.

I know it 's too late but I have integrated react native with Rasa. Hope it can help you.

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@hungvu193 I am getting SSL error while trying to integrate the react-native github link. [connection] nw_socket_handle_socket_event [C14.1:1] Socket SO_ERROR [61: Connection refused] Do you know a fix to this?

Hi @vpronaldo, Which version of react native do you use? You dont need to link if your RN version >= 0.6.0

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First, apologies for the late reaction here - thanks @JiteshGaikwad for bringing this to my attention. :slight_smile:

And a huge thank you to you @hungvu193 for creating this integration, open sourcing the code for everyone to use and responding to questions here about it. :star_struck: Since you’re very much supporting our community with this contribution, I would like to invite you to our contributor program. I will be in touch with you about this! :slight_smile:

One request: Could make a new post sharing this integration? That way I can add the the new ‘contribution’ tag to it, so others can filter it through this link:



Sure, I will make a post about this :grinning:

awesome @hungvu193, feel free to link here and @ mention me once it’s up, and I will add the tag it :slight_smile:

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@Emma Hi Emma, I have just created a post, please take a look on it

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Sir Plzzz help me to put Card Carousel in Gifted chat. How to extract response from Rasa bot . and CreateBotMessage in utils.tsx file… Plzzz Help me…