Rasa installation error with Python 3.8 & python 3.7

Rasa installation hangs trying to solve dependencies with python 3.8. Also when I use rasa 3.1.0 with python 3.9, I can’t use rasa-webchat as it requires sanic==21.6.0 as per issue here.

so in the end I can’t install rasa 3.0.0, as it’s only in the database for python 3.8 and not 3.9, and I can’t use web-chat with python 3.9 and rasa 3.1.0

Installing Rasa and managing its dependencies can sometimes be challenging due to the specific versions of the dependencies required.

Installing Rasa with Python 3.8

  1. Virtual Environment: Always use a virtual environment to avoid conflicts with system-wide packages. This also allows you to have different environments for different Python versions and sets of dependencies. For Python 3.8, you can create a virtual environment as follows:
python3.8 -m venv ./venv
source ./venv/bin/activate

Dependency Resolution: Dependency resolution can take a long time, especially with complex packages like Rasa. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of waiting. However, if it seems to hang indefinitely, you can try the following:

  • Upgrade pip to the latest version within the virtual environment:
pip install --upgrade pip

Install Rasa with the --use-deprecated=legacy-resolver option. This uses the older version of pip’s dependency resolver, which can sometimes resolve dependencies more efficiently for certain packages:

pip install --use-deprecated=legacy-resolver rasa
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Thank you @Ankit_Lathiya! It would be helpful for me.