Rasa Inspector GUI not appearing

After running rasa inspect, I’m unable to get the GUI to appear. Visiting the url with http, I get

Hello from Rasa: 3.7.8

with nothing else. This is in Linux (Ubuntu), in a pyenv.

@1mo -

when you run rasa inspect, a new window/tab should pop up in your browser. It runs on local host at this url: http://localhost:5005/webhooks/inspector/inspect.html

I need more information to help you on why the rasa inspect GUI is not popping up:

  • you have to train a model using rasa train before running rasa inspect?
  • what browser are you using?
  • Do you see any errors in the CLI after running rasa inspect? If not, run rasa inspect --debug and share the logs. You might see an error there.

Thanks! That solved it – I’m running on a remote host, so the url didn’t automatically pop up, and I didn’t realize that’s the URL to get to the GUI.