Rasa input & output channels

Hi All, I have front end application using which I can get user messages from UI to windows host and store those messages in dictionary X and then I can also send messages from windows host to UI using dictionary Y. I am trying to integrate this application with RASA NLU & CORE. Could some please guide me how can can I create input & output channels for RASA NLU & CORE so that CORE reads my messages from dictionary X (input channel) sitting on windows host and sends action message to dictionary Y(output channel). I don’t need any http connection.

Hey @Techie_AM you can use Rasa’s rest input channel, I had mentioned in this post you can try it out:

Rest api implementation

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Hey @JiteshGaikwad sure, will check the post. Will get back to you if I have any questions. Thank you for the help!