RASA INIT invalid syntaxis

Hello, I have a problem with: rasa init. I am using jupyterlab in Anaconda. I have the installation with: ‘pip install rasa’ (python 3.8). Apparently it is successfull, but when I use rasa init, it returns me the error ‘invalid syntaxis’. I’ve tried to create another environment with Anaconda with other python versions, but I 've had the same problem.

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Hello @mar and welcome to the forum. What operating system are you using?

Hey, could you please post a screenshot of the whole traceback and error it shows in your screen? That way we can debug easier! Thanks!

The problem was solved. Finally, I used the anaconda prompt and everything was okay. Thank you so much.

The problem was solved. Finally I used the anaconda promt and everything was okay. Thank you so much.

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great! happy hacking!!!