Rasa in VSCode OR IntelliJ

Hej everybody:) I am looking for an educated intuition and broader idea, if there is a significant difference between using Rasa in VSCode or IntelliJ, and if yes, which are there preferences and for what reasons?

Thanks already! <3

I would much rather put Pycharm and VSCode in the picture. IntelliJ has a lot of plugins for Kotlin/Java but if you are to use JetBrains, might as well give Pycharm a go.

Though Pycharm Professional has a lot more capabilities but VScode comes with remote development if you are connecting to a remote server to train your models etc which might often be the case in a shared environment such as GPU servers, or training models in better environments than your laptop.

I do enjoy the debugging capabilities of Pycharm while are better than VSCode but that being said, there isn’t much of a big difference between for Rasa usage in particular except remote development since it is free with VSCode while it is only available in Pycharm Professional

thanks for your consideration! :slight_smile: do you have any experience with exporting code, that has been written in different IDE’s, with other developers? my sparring-partner prefers JetBrains and I am used to VSCode, and I am wondering if we should decide on one.

Typically you would use a version control system like github or gitlab or bitbucket. so to each their own.

Both creates a folder




which saves all the local settings related to debugging or preferences. thus it won’t interlap anyway. You can choose VSCode over Pycharm. It won’t change anything.