Rasa for MacOs Apple Silicon cannot use Rasa x

Hello World,

Using Rasa with MacOs proves to be challenging but thanks to the Rasa forum using this link I did find a way to use Rasa on MacOs Apple Silicon M1 Pro.

I’m able to use Rasa init, or Rasa shell and other CLI but not Rasa x.

But the Issue I’m getting with Rasa x.

I have the following configurations with Python 3.8:

Can you advise how to resolve this issue, please?

Thanks in advance, Damien Jeffry

Rasa X is no longer maintained or supported. The announcement is here

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Hello Greg Stephens,

But do you know how to represent my rasa model, in a User Interface where the user can better understand what is going on…

Thanks in advance, Damien Jeffry