RASA extremely slow


I am observing that RASA is extremely slow after running for some time. The version that I am using is 1.x any guidance on how to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Regards Achamz

Hi all,

As I was researching on this, came across many solutions using the custom tracker store with limited max_event_history.

Can custom tracker store be created without using database? any help would be appreciated.

Any guidance on the same would be appreciated.

Hi Achamz,

I’ll need to know a little bit more about your deployment in order to help you. In general, it’s all open source, so nothing is stopping you from implementing a tracker store that keeps everything in memory. That said, that might not scale once your assistant has many users.

Hi, This implementation is meant for an enterprise level deployment with multiple users logging in simultaneously. Current set up which was implemented almost a year ago is extremely slow in responding once the rasa server has been running for over a day. I am looking for a solution which will help multiple users logging in simultaneously and also not mixing up the conversation for each user.

Regards Achamz