I have defined entities in my model. But, when I’m trying to ask the question it says there are no entities related to that question

Not sure I understand, what does your training data look like?


lookup:information cashless process flow cashless hospitilization



slots: information: type: text

i defined all the things,but it not identifying the entities,can u plz help me

I think you need to add a few more examples for the model to pick up your entities. Also, what does your configuration yaml look like?


language: en

pipeline: supervised_embedding


  • name: MemoizationPolicy

  • name: KerasPolicy

  • name: MappingPolicy

  • name: FallbackPolicy

    nlu_threshold: 0.5

    core_threshold: 0.5

    fallback_action_name: “utter_default”

that looks fine, so i would suggest adding more training examples