Rasa End to End error 'KeyError: 'start''


I encounter a problem when I want to use mix intent and ene2end way. Following is my stories and config file, and the also error when I train the model. Can you help me with this problem?

@XSUN Heya! Are you able to solve this issue?

Hey Nik, this problem are still there and I have not found a way to solve it. Do you know where the problem is?

@XSUN Sorry for late reply XSUN, can you elaborate your use case i.e what you want to archive?

No worries! I just want to use the mixed end-to-end story which described in this page Training Data Format

And I used a very simple mixed story to train the bot, but always get the error which I have attached the screen of my story and error report. Could you please check them and maybe offer me some possible ideas?

Thanks in advance!

@XSUN Hi Xsun, sorry to say but you code is not as per rasa syntax or training data, that’s why I asked to elaborate your use case. Please share some related files for your project.

Hi Nik, I just want to realize the mixed end2end and intents training, totally 2 stories in my training stories file like below. The first story is initialized by the user’s input utterance “I guess you are not human” and the corresponding action is “utter_iamabot” which was predefined in the domain file. The second story is initialized by the user’s intent “greet”, the action is the bot’s utterance “Hi bro!”

Following is the config file:

And this the screenshot of the error:

Simply speaking, the use case for me is just to realizing this 2 stories in a mixed end2end training way. Am I explain a bit clear for you?