Rasa Docker Image not Working

I am trying to run rasa using the command “docker-compose up -d”, and keep running into the following error: ERROR: no such image: rasa/rasa:: invalid reference format.

I am not sure what app image is the appropriate one to use…and/or how to retrieve the my personal/custom app image. Can someone help!!! Below are my docker files.

docker-compose.override.yml (87 Bytes)

docker-compose.yml (3.2 KB)

Please change this two variables on .env file:

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As @custodio already mentioned, you need to have these in your .env file. However, I would not recommend jumping straight to grabbing the latest version. Better check the compatibility matrix to decide which versions to add. Looking through your docker-compose file, line 5 is as follows:

image: "rasa/rasa:${RASA_VERSION:-stable}-full"

It looks like it could be written incorrectly. It should be something more like this: image: "rasa/rasa:${RASA_VERSION-full}"


image: "rasa/rasa:${RASA_VERSION-latest}"

If no RASA_VERSION is assigned inside your .env file, then docker-compose will replace it with the variable provided after the dash (so either “full” or “latest”).

I also don’t think that colon should be inside the variable name in the curly brackets.

I got this because I was executing the command from the /actions/ dir and not in /etc/rasa