Rasa creating a complex rule based form


I am trying to create an chatbot where it follows a rule based scenario and suggests some information to the user based on the followed path.

My domain is a chatbot for university courses and the it would work as follows: It would ask the user what type of course they are interested in: computing or engineering? and it would then record the response in a ‘slot’. if its computing then it would ask a series of questions such as “do you like playing games …” and “how do you feel about statistics …” and will record the responses (simple yes and no responses) in a separate array. Once the user has answered all the questions, it would suggest a course based on their response.

What I have done is created a form that asks for a single slot to set the course category, between computing and engineering.

I then created a second form which has the required slots different based on the slot for course category however that isn’t working properly and I am struggling to follow up with the second form.

Please can someone suggest some solutions on how to approach this problem or help fix my existing project.

thanks, Ali