Rasa_core.train unable to find custom actions.py

Since friday I have been unable to train my model with any custom actions. Might this be caused by some changes to rasa_core master since friday? I tried to download and train the rasa-demo and the same problem occurs.

When I run rasa_core.train the terminal prints hundreds of lines saying

rasa_core.domain - Failed to use action action name here in history.

This is the final error:

Exception: Can not access action ‘custom_act_incident_type’, as that name is not a registered action for this domain. Available actions are:

…list of actions in domain


This message is somewhat useless since the custom action named custom_act_incident_type is not in the domain file, but in the actions.py

class ActionIncidentType(Action):

    def name(self):
        return 'custom_act_incident_type'

I’ve opend an issue for this, including a bare bones example

Problem solved