Rasa Core Stories Understanding

Hi together,

I’m relative new in using rasa and I have a question about the stories - couldn’t find any solution in the docs. Let’s explaine it on a story example (from rasa docs):

sad path

  • greet
    • utter_greet
  • mood_unhappy
    • utter_cheer_up
    • utter_did_that_help
  • mood_deny
    • utter_goodbye

say goodbye

  • goodbye
    • utter_goodbye

So, as far as I understand, we can only go in the “goodbye-path” before or after the “sad path”. But I want to get the “goodbye-path” everytime, so for example: If I do a “greet”, the bot will response with “utter_greet”. And now I want to quit and say “goodbye” and don’t finish the “sad-path”.

I can’t imagine, that this isn’t possible, because this shouldn’t a big deal? And it couldn’t be a solution, if I replicate all possible ways, because if I have a lot of dialogue and some single stories, I will get a huge amount of possible ways…

Thanks a lot!

Kind regards Marcel

You do have to specify it at different points in the conversation yes. However you can use the embedding policy, which learns to generalise faster: Training and Policies