Rasa_core.processor - Circuit breaker tripped. Stopped predicting more actions for sender 'default'

Why am i getting this error, and how can i resolve it. As two actions get predicted one after each other without action_listen. I have attached the logs for clarification. Help would be much appreciated.

Even I have this issue on RASA 1.4.5. Kindly can someone help pls ?

m facing the same issue … If u got any solution for the same … Please share

If you look at processor.py file.

You will get this error when a particular action is executed repeatedly for 10 times(since threshold value is given as 10 in the code) in order to break this, action listen is to be executed at least once.

So, the solution is either manually trigger action_trigger from your custom action file OR check your stories to see going wrong and try to add more stories.


Thanks, change to 20 times work for me .