Rasa /core/model/parse api giving "User is not authenticated" as response

I am using http://{aws_ip_my_rasa_server_hosted}/core/model/parse?token={token_I_got_from_rasax}.

I am hitting this endpoint from the postman. and the response is as below,

    "version": "2.1.2",
    "status": "failure",
    "message": "User is not authenticated.",
    "reason": "NotAuthenticated",
    "details": {},
    "help": "https://rasa.com/docs/rasa/user-guide/configuring-http-api/#security-considerations",
    "code": 401
  1. I have installed rasa x aws by following docker installation from rasa docs.
  2. I am able to access rasa x user interface, I connected github too, But the API is not working

Would someone please help me with this issue please please please ? ? ? ? ? ?..

Have you figured this out? I have the same problem, just can’t call the /model/parse endpoint when deployed through Rasa-X