Rasa Core - Context switching between conversations

User: Hello I need to book a restaurant
Bot: which location are you looking for
User: I need to book a flight
Bot: Sorry I did not understand

For the second question intent is matched as “book_flight”. However action is triggered based on the conversation tracker instead of triggering action for matched intent. action_restart is not an option here as we are not aware of when will user switch context between the conversations. I understand this is a common use case. Just came across “Mapping Policy”. Is that a solution for this issue. Any thoughts are highly appreciated.

Sure the mapping policy could be a solution, but only on a small scale. What I would recommend for this is to write these into your stories! The best way to handle all cases, including unhappy paths like this, is to write them into your stories. The more real conversations from users you teach your bot how to handle, the better it will handle cases it’s never seen before.

Thanks @erohmensing Issue got resolved when we added all possible combination of stories.

hi, @lindamthomas07 I has encountered the same problem, but I can not solve it, I will be very thanksful if you share your project with me