Rasa Core Agent AWSPersistor


Is there a reason why there is no AWSPersistor for Rasa Core like there is for Rasa NLU?

What is the recommended way to persist our Rasa Core Agent to S3?

Thanks L-P @ Dialogue

Hi @Lp-dialogue, we are currently working on a change that will allow you to also persist your Rasa Core Agent to S3. At the moment, that is just not possible. Not sure what the reason for that was in the first place. But if you want to persist your model to S3, I would recommend you writing a wrapper around your code. Just download the model from S3 yourself and then load the Agent as usual.

Just a quick update: Rasa 1.0 is out. It is now also possible to store your Core model on cloud storage, see Running the Server.