AWS upload to S3 after training?


according to this Model Storage it is possible to use AWS S3 as a model storage. Loading from S3 bucket works fine but we wonder, is it also possible to upload the model to S3 after the training? It doesn’t seem to work out-of-the box.

We have set out credentials right, model is correctly loaded, access rights for S3 write are properly set but Rasa’s still saving the models into models/ directory on disk.

We want to use it within POST /model/train API.

Please suggest, how to achieve this.

Edit: We’ve noticed this code

so we guess it should be working out-of-the box, right? Then what could be wrong, when loading a model from S3 works fine for us?

Hi @mbukovy, unfortunately this is currently not possible. Would you mind creating a feature request for this? I think that would be great feature to have.

Thanks @Tobias_Wochinger

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Nice, thanks a lot @mbukovy!

read this hope this will help you to upload the model to S3 in aws