Rasa Core 0.11.0 is out!

Rasa Core 0.11.0 is out!

Exciting news everybody! Rasa Core 0.11.0 is out! :partying_face::rocket::robot:

Go check it out, it has some really cool new features:

  • Custom actions now run as an SDK - you need a separate server to execute them. Read more about the change in the migration guide. :ok_hand:

  • Microsoft botframework and Rocket.Chat connectors (shout out to our amazing contributors Izabela Cardoso, Matheus de Sousa Faria and Tupac for making these awesome contributions! :heart:)

  • more emoji support for PY2 :star_struck:

  • intent confidence support in RegexInterpreter :muscle:

  • a parameter inside the train script to pull training data from an url instead of a stories file :fire:

And much more! Check out the change log for more details!