Rasa controlled UI

Hello to Rasa community,

I would like to kindly ask you - if someone tried or read somewhere about UI commands initiated by Rasa through Custom actions. Let’s say we have a simple photo app and I want Rasa, except for chatting and ability to inform me about the photos, to have an ability to navigate me through the app (next photo, jump to different folder/gallery, previous, show me menu, etc.). Is this possible to achieve with Custom Actions for example through some API?

(let’s say there is a “handsfree” setup of STT-Rasa-TTS, like google assistant)

Thank you very much for your time & pointing me to possible right direction. All the best, Tom

I did a similar project one STT - Rasa -TTS,

You code a set of keyword extractor in your STT port and set it as the highest priority commends, Or you can use rasa’s nlu to identity the intent and code an HTTP communication between rasa and your TTS port

Rasa’s message will be sent to your TTS and tadaa you have it.

Just check out the HTTP API documentation to see what to be sent between your modules