Rasa compatible with NodeJS

Hey there;

We are planning to build a chatbot at a production level. Our all the projects are based on Node.Js. But we are planning to build the chatbot in python. Just want pre-ensure whether rasa’s (python) is compatible with nodeJS or not. Or is there any other dependencies?

What is the latest version of rasa, which is production-ready and compatible with Node.Js?

Can we create Multiple agents connectivity between rasa and node if yes how?

Hi you will likely want to use rest channel from rasa documentation. Rest is universal so no problem using it with node.js.

You just need to realize that rasa runs on a separate server and also requires action server or even template server on separate servers. So you likely end up with three server architecture.

Depending on your needs you may end up using something more difficult with documented rasa http api or even needing to develop own channel. Rasa is quite powerful but I would say not simple if you want to do something outside of realm of a basic documented setup.