Rasa Chatbot installation

Hi all, the following code is causing an error message when creating a chatbot. Could someone help me in this regard:

from rasa.jupyter import chat

endpoints = “endpoints.yml” chat(model_path, endpoints)


NameError Traceback (most recent call last). in 2 3 endpoints = “endpoints.yml” ----> 4 chat(model_path, endpoints)

~/.local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/rasa/jupyter.py in chat(model_path, endpoints, agent, interpreter) 35 if model_path: 36 —> 37 agent = create_agent(model_path, endpoints) 38 39 elif agent is not None and interpreter is not None:

NameError: name ‘create_agent’ is not defined

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Hi @mikenike96. What version of Rasa Open Source are you using? Can you share the jupyter notebook you are using?

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Hi, I am running into the same problem.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a clean Anaconda Python 3.8 Environment.

conda create --name rasa python=3.8

  1. Install Jupyter.

conda install jupyter

  1. Launch Jupyter.

jupyter notebook

  1. Run all code in attached notebook.

All code was copied from here, but everything starting from ‘Chat with your assistant’, doesn’t work. I hope you can make sense of it, it would be nice to have it working :slight_smile: chatbot.ipynb (84.9 KB)

@fvdk What version of Rasa Open Source are you using?

All code was copied from here

Where was it copied from?

@tyd I copied it from here Jupyter Notebooks (forgot to paste the link :sweat_smile:)

if its in the google colab environment, using rasa version 1.10.3 solved the “NameError: name ‘create_agent’ is not defined” error for me … should be a convenient workaround for now while the rasa team works on the fix

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