Rasa buttons in forms

Hi everyone !

I configured a form-action who asks the user’s name and ID.

It works perfectly and the slots are filled-in properly.

Now I want to add a button to the form asking the user if he prefers the color red or yellow. So I configured one in the domain file and adapted my form-action but I get an error message telling me the color slot can not be filled.

Is their a specific code function to add in the form-action in order to identify the presence of a button ?

Looking forward to hear your replies !



Hi @small_bob could you show me what your response with the buttons looks like?

Dear @akelad,

Thank your fast return !

Here is a screenshot of how I configured my button in the domain.yml file :slight_smile: :


Hm, and what did you specify your slot to be filled by? Is it an entity? If that’s the case, then the payload should be something like /intent{"colour":"blue"}

Dear @akelad,

I managed to fix it by removing the slash in the payload sections !

It’s actually better for me because that means that I don’t need to create an intent blue & yellow in my nlu.md file

Now the bot perfectly slots: name, ID, and the chosen color ! :slight_smile:

@small_bob glad you resolved it! you actually don’t need to create new intents though, you would just pass the intent and entity that you have defined in your nlu.md file. So the way I suggested above

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