Rasa based frameworks - Kairon & Botfront

Hi! I wrote about my experiences and the differences and pros/cons between Rasa and Rasa based frameworks such as Kairon & Botfront.

And of course - all are open source. Hope you’ll find it useful - 3 Top ways to build AI-based chatbots with open source software 2022 - Cloud AI World

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Hi @cloudai,
thanks for the article - it was in interesting read. Is Kairon really for free? I checked their homepage and it looked like you only get a free trail? Can you tell me how fast and stable Kairon is running? I have some troubles with Rasa X as it breaks regularly when trying to annotate conversations.
Ciao, Vio

Hi @vio_lovis. I did a bit of a research and it seems like Kairon is truely open-source with apache 2 license which means you can use it commercially without any problems.

They also offer a managed service which is a paid one.

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Thank you!