Rasa auto greeting

hi , how can i make the bot auto greet for first time when user came.Is there any feature like that in rasa core

This is done by sending a dummy first message to the user when they first open the bot. This is a functionality available in Telegram, Messenger and probably others too. The webchat ui from mrbot can also do this GitHub - mrbot-ai/rasa-webchat: A chat widget easy to connect to chatbot platforms such as Rasa Core

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thanks for the reply

hi is there any documentation for twostagefallbackpolicy


Hi @akelad how i can use auto greeting like good morning , evening based on client location

@Neeraj You can trigger the message from Rasa with the dummy message when the user first starts the chat, which runs a custom action to check the user’s location and send the appropriate message based on the time.

So you’d send something like below from the client when the user joins:

  "sender": "<some_id>"
  "message": "/greet"

which would trigger this story in Rasa:

## Greet user by location
* greet
 - location_based_welcome

And the location_based_welcome would be a custom action that determines the appropriate response. See these docs for more info.

Hi @niveK thanks for reply. I want to get user location based on his/her ip address. Is there is any way to get the ip address of client @akelad @souvikg10

I don’t believe that’s information you have available to use, unless there’s a way to hook into the POST endpoint for messages. Unless you had some slot to pass along from whatever channel you had, I don’t think there’s a way to do that.

Is there any other way ? Like whenever user is connected, some kind of event triggered and we can call custom action.

Any code or example how to add the welcome message or greet message by bot-like " Hello, I am a bot, how can I help you today?" at the first instant of the chat window open or

the sequence of messages one after another.

Bot: Hello.

Bot: Welcome to the website.

Bot: I am your chatbot assistant!

Then user reply

User: Hey there!!

Please Help,Guys!

Hi @nik202 is using e.g. this widget an option for you? You can figure that to send the first message. Alternatively, if you’re using your own widget, you can use this API endpoint

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