Rasa and Deepspeech

Hello everyone,

I tried to install deepspeech library but it uninstalls numpy 1.17 version and installs numpy 1.14.4 (as deepspeech requires numpy version older than 1.14.5 version). This leads to error in rasa as rasa does not work on that old version of numpy.

What can be possible solution to it?

Hi @Bhanu,

unfortunately there is no command to prevent pip from downgrading dependencies. I would recommend to verify your numpy installation (1.17), clone the DeepSpeech repo, update the numpy version in requirements.txt and see if it works (most likely it will).

Regards Julian

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Why dont you just use multiple virtual environments?

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Thanks Julian. I installed rasa once more after installing deepspeech and rasa once again updated numpy version but deepspeech is still working as it is not showing any error related to numpy.

Thanks Heiner. Currently problem has been resolved but next time I will try to use multiple virtual environments.