Rasa Action servers makes everything slow?

Hey, I just test rasa with a minimal and default example on the same laptop. Chatting over shell or a UI is rather slow, because of the action server I think. So without using any advanced stuff or model you get a large latency by just using the server.

In v1 of rasa before the action server this was not the case (if I remember correctly).

Is there a way to avoid this or just not using the action server and using just the plain actions.py?

Example. just printing out text from a text file sentence per sentence shows that each sentences in my ase needs several seconds just because of the http requests?

Any help?

How are you handle this as this is really unpracticable…?

Can someone explains why this is so slow if I have two consoles on my laptop open? I thought this would be rather fast than slow?

I do not understand this that just transferring text needs about 2 seconds without any model or so…I guess very large overhead?

@Arjaan I used a default example. but actually does not matter. A simple example is enough. You will see that it takes the same amount of time (50% → ca. 2 seconds) for sending to the action server and get back results…

version 2.2.9