Responses very slow while in RASA X UI

Bot response is very slow, could see after action_listen, all actions take a long time to respond .Bot detects what action(utter_greet,utter_goodbye etc) to perform but takes longer time to display the actual output. This issue is happening in both chrome and IE. Backend is not having any such issues. Please help !

Hi @dalidas, welcome to the forum! In order to help you, it would be great if you could provide some more details on your setup.

  • What version are you running?
  • How did you install Rasa X?
  • What OS are you running?

Hi @ricwo , PFB the details requested

Version of Rasa X : (0.21.4)

  • How did you install Rasa X? Through Anaconda prompt RASA X was installed OS currently running : Windows 8 64 bit OS

Thanks @dalidas, that looks all fine, I would however recommend upgrading to the latest version 0.21.5. Can you provide some more details on your system’s hardware, especially RAM?

Hi @ricwo

Please refer the RAM details.

Processor : AMD A10 PRO-7800B R7, 12 Compute Cores 4C + 8G 3.50 GHz Installed RAM details : 16 GB (15.7 usable)

Hi @dalidas, thanks for those details. Would you mind upgrading to 0.22.0 and seeing if the problem persists?

Hi @ricwo ,

Thanks for your suggestion, we upgraded to v0.22.0 and responses have become faster. But there is one more issue which we encountered. The chatbot is responding after we type the message twice. Any idea how to resolve this.rasa%20x

Great to hear it’s faster now! Can you reliably reproduce this or does it happen only occasionally?

Hi @ricwo

Today while running our chatbot from anaconda prompt using rasa-x command we saw this error “2019-11-04 03:36:21 ERROR sanic.root - Unable to start server”. Rasa-x url was opening but it wasn’t loading any conversation.

Is it because of outdated version of rasa-x version (currently using 0.22.0). We tried upgrading rasa x version to 0.22.1 using command pip3 install rasa-x --extra-index-url but the version continues to remain in 0.22.0. Any idea why ?

To upgrade to the latest version, you’ll have to add the --upgrade flag, so the command will be

pip3 install --upgrade rasa-x --extra-index-url