Calling Action End Point takes over 2 seconds

Hello Everyone, @akelad @Juste @alexweidauer @souvikg10 @erohmensing @tanja @Tobias_Wochinger My replies for action server is getting delayed. After this step-

rasa.core.actions.action - Calling action endpoint to run action 'contract_action'

it calls action server and request at action server is also received after 2 seconds.

This is my Screenshot for Rasa Shell log-

Screenshot of Custom Actions

Please Help me out on this.This delay is making the bot slow. Why the request being sent is delayed by 2 seconds. Or is this common in Rasa?

Anyone! Please help me out. :pray:

@pranay_raj please don’t create a duplicate issue, as mentioned in your original post - we are looking into it

Really Sorry for the same. There was no reply/update since yesterday, so i got a little impatient :frowning: sorry :stuck_out_tongue: