Rasa 3.x training using http API with custom action

Hello, everyone. I have trained rasa model using http API. I have trained and loaded current trained model.

I have used the method mentioned in above link. The problem is custom action. After replacing model, when I test the rasa, the custom action is not triggered unfortunately. Of course, custom action part is defined in rasa server already. Please help me with this problem. Thanks.

Hi @Harry319193, please provide your implementation.


  • rule: customized action steps:
    • or:
      • intent: qui
      • intent: contacts
      • intent: assistant
      • intent: clique
      • intent: advantage
      • intent: coĆ»te
      • intent: input
      • intent: lead
      • intent: nlu_fallback
      • intent: random
    • action: action_information I have already made a action_information custom action in rasa server. But when I trained and replaced model, the result is success, but this custom action is not triggered. Instead, fallback action is triggered.