Rasa 1.0.7 Docker Custom Action Pull Error

I am getting the error below when i run the command **docker-compose up**

Pulling action_server (rasa/rasa_sdk:latest)… ERROR: pull access denied for rasa/rasa_sdk, repository does not exist or may require 'docker login’

Docker File: version: ‘3.0’ services: rasa: image: rasa/rasa:latest-full ports: - 5005:5005 volumes: - ./:/app command: - run

action_server: image: rasa/rasa_sdk:latest volumes:

It seems the image is missing on docker hub as attached.Which one do i use? - ./actions:/app/actions

Hi there @vnjagi I believe you now need a login on docker hub to do anything.

Also, I’m logged in and can see the rasa_sdk image just fine.

@jabberlope ,i found the problem. The document says rasa/rasa_sdk:latest but on docker hub its rasa/rasa-sdk. Notice the hyphen difference.

Issue sorted.Please update the Document

Glad you found it. Lots of this stuff is out of date with the newest release, but I believe the team is working to address things as fast as they can. I believe you can submit a PR to update the docs, but I’ve not done it yet.

Hi @vnjagi, thanks very much for pointing this out. I’ve created a PR to fix this in the documentation here.