Range slider for user input

Does Rasa support range sliders for taking inputs from the user, say a number from 1-10? If so, how is it done?

I don’t know if rasa supports slides inside rasa shell, but it’s possible to implement one yourself and use the float slot category (see here in Domain), where you could set a minimum and maximum for your slider.

However, take note of this:

All values below min_value will be treated as min_value , and all values above max_value will be treated as max_value . Hence, if max_value is set to 1 , there is no difference between the slot values 2 and 3.5 .

I think as long as your slider in your UI of choice doesn’t allow user text input, but only input through the slider (and/or numerical input), then you should be fine. You could also validate the slot value.

Thanks for your feedback. I’m looking for a GUI element, such as buttons in Rasa, that can be used as a slider with min and max values where the user can slide the slider and select a number from. If the slider is not readily available in Rasa, I would love to have some guidance on how to implement it myself.

For testing in the terminal, I would recommend just using float slots and inputting the desired number which would otherwise be a visual floater.

For the UI for your actual users in production, you would need to implement your own slider in the frontend that sends back a float to Rasa as payload so that the slot can be filled.

Alternatively, you could search for pre-existing open-source chatbot widgets that have sliders. I can’t really find any at the moment and it all depends on your frontend library or what you prefer to use.

Some supported channels may have sliders, you’d have to check. But a good place to start would be reading this about Custom Output Payloads to actually display a slider when needed Responses.