Is there any way to increment the extracted slot value?

In I have intent like this :

## intent:ask_budget
 - Lesser than [300](budget)
 - Lesser than [600](budget)
 - Lesser than [900](budget)
 - More than [901](budget)
 - More than Rs. [901](budget+1)
 - More than Rs [901](budget+1)

For more than x I want rasa to send x+1 to backend( file) Is it possible?

Because right now I have these button options:

  • Lesser than Rs. 300

  • Between Rs. 300 to Rs. 600

  • Between Rs. 600 to Rs. 900

  • More than Rs. 900

For this 900 case it’s creating issue for even more than 900 it will come under the 600-900 case. Because in my backend I have given these conditions.

rangeMin = 0
rangeMax = 999999
if int(budget) <= 300:
    rangeMax = 300
elif int(budget) <= 600:
	rangeMin = 301
	rangeMax = 600
elif int(budget) <= 900:
    rangeMin = 601
    rangeMax = 900
elif int(budget) > 900:
    rangeMin = 901

        Default budget
    rangeMin = 0
    rangeMax = 9999

So whenever a user type more than x I want to get x+1 in the tracker.get_slot('budget')

I see that you have annotated your entity 901 as budget+1 any particular reason for that?

I don’t understand your problem clearly, but in case if you just want to differentiate between lessthan/between/morethan, you can make them an entity.

actually I was trying to increment this value but don’t know how to do it.

Like I am a user I type More than Rs. 1100 then it should pass 1101 not 1100

I don’t think entity labels work like that. I would suggest you label lessthan, between and morethan as entities (and create corresponding slots) too, and inside your action, just extract the value of these two slots and do whatever you want based on these two values.

Hope that helps.

can you show me some examples?