Questions for running an example

Hi, I am a beginner of RASA, I was trying to run a example: rasa/examples/formbot at main · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub

However, my bot seems not understand anything…And there are bunch of warnings like this:


Rasa run actions

Would anyone tell me where should I start from?

Hi Since you are a beginner, I would recommend installing Rasa in your system and then give it a go and then move towards Docker side of Rasa.

To Begin with you can try Rasa boiler plate code and get a good understanding of all the files and action server You can take a look at this Rasa boilerplate code

Also the warning are mostly for Deprecations which is due to some libraries set to deprecated. For the Rasa Warning check the epochs in config.yml for the correct value to set for epochs

Rest You’ll learn more about these warnings and errors as you continue learning, All the best

For the above Repo that you are working on, Please check this Dockerizing Rasa chatbot with Botfront