[QUESTION] can i retrain and reload model on chat conversation?

Hello i want to retrain and reload model on chat conversation and i don’t see nothing about that in the docs, can i do that?

Yes, you can generate a story file based on the conversation. Take a look at this link: RASA: Story generation · Issue #729 · RasaHQ/rasa_core · GitHub

That is for story generation, but i want to retrain the model and reload that model on the chat, all online is that posible?

As far as I know, that isn’t possible. While interactive training, it learns on the fly but while conversation, it does not train.

i asked this question because i see a method to unload a model but i don’t see a method to load a model without restart the process

I’m facing the same issue, are you talking about core or nlu models ?

I didn’t try but I think you can load a new NLU model if you keep the same name (to be confirmed) but you can’t reload a new core without restarting the process. Tell me if you find a solution! (I’m particulary interested in the loading of a new NLU model)